The Self-Insurance Experiment: How Much Risk Can We Afford to Take?

Mr. Enchumbao

I work for a large investment management company helping people save for traditional retirement. During my spare time, I help others save for financial independence and early retirement by writing for Enchumbao. My journey to FI began in 2012. I was in a lot of debt back then, but I turned things around and became debt free a few years later. My wife and I reached financial independence in 2017 and are preparing to retire by 2020.

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2 Responses

  1. Interesting concept, not very simple but I can see the value. Will have to try it, thanks for the great content!

    • Hi Blad,
      Definitely give it a try. We just upgraded a laptop and a smartphone and didn’t get the additional warranty. Right there we’re saving at least $200. That will go into our imaginary investment bucket for this experiment. Thanks for commenting.

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