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Hello and welcome to Enchumbao! If you struggle with money but want to be better at it than the average American, you’re in the right place. We’re here to help you figure out this money thing so that you can build wealth along the way and live life on your own terms.

Personal finance might not be something that you learned in school. Maybe your parents weren’t equipped to teach you about it. If they were new to this country, like ours, they probably had to work hard just to put food on the table and stay on top of the bills, and that was their level of financial stability. Personal finance to them might have been making sure that the bills were getting paid and that they’d save some money to build or buy their casita.

Maybe you’re not in the best of financial situations. Is debt keeping you from getting ahead? It’s not too late to get your financial life in order!

You’ll start building wealth as soon as you get your spending below your income level. There’s no need to stop there though. We want you to become financially independent so that you can enjoy life beyond your wildest dreams. And we can help you lead a great life by showing you how simple it is for you to become wealthy by following the FIRE recipe.

If you’re willing to defy what you know about money and put in the discipline that it takes to become financially independent, you can make it happen. It all starts with a change of mindset and doing things differently on a daily basis. It won’t happen overnight but, like a snowball effect, your financial picture will get better than you ever imagined.

Just to tell you a bit about our journey, my wife and I are a working couple with a child in our early 30’s and 40’s, planning to retire in July 2019.

At the beginning of this decade, I decided to change my life around and we also realized that if we were to invest as much as we could, instead of following the typical American lifestyle, we could retire early.

We’ll be able to retire early because we reached financial independence. We have enough investments to support our lifestyle forever. As of now, we have about 33 times our projected early retirement annual spending accumulated, including funds to buy a house.

Our aim with this blog is to help you build wealth by adopting simple daily habits that lead to financial independence. Accumulating some wealth is really not that hard to do. We’ll teach you the process and provide examples of people like you, who are accumulating, and others who have beaten the odds and became wealthier and happier as a result.

The process of building wealth is simpler than pronouncing Enchumbao. Way more simple! 🙂

At Enchumbao, we share with you money lessons that have helped us become financially independent and set us on the path to early retirement.

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Thank you for stopping by. Happy reading and we hope you have at least one major takeaway from our blog that can set you up on a course to a great life.