September MinDrench: Dreamers and Savers Judged by the Haters

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Mind Drench

Welcome to MinDrenchTM, our new monthly spotlight section that features some of the best content out there. Whether if it’s in the form of a blog post, podcast, documentary, book or any format, the important thing here is that it should enrich your mind and help you on your journey to true happiness.

We’re very excited to be able to bring you this new section. This is our second edition and the format is evolving a bit from what you saw last month. This month’s MinDrench has a common theme. Most of the folks featured in the stories were dreamers and savers that went against the norms that society dictates, in order to find true happiness. Of course, society is not going to go down without saying something and you can feel the judgment from the haters within the comment section of those articles.

The folks in the first three articles were recently featured in mainstream media for their great savings habits. The fourth article is a response on how social media negatively impacted a writer’s life when her story went viral about a year ago. And, last but not least, J.D. Roth from Money Boss shows us how to cope with the haters, aka nasty commenters, in the last featured article.

Let’s drench your mind with some enriching ideas and content. Without any further ado, here are our picks of the month.

MinDrench for September 2016

1. How These High School Sweethearts Are Saving Nearly $100,000 A Year To Retire Early

Forbes featured an inspiring article on how this couple is increasing their salaries and hustling so that they can have $1 million in the bank in eight years.

Excerpt: “Alicia began following finance blogs and websites and learning about debt repayment options and early retirement. She decided to start by paying her largest loan (because of the interest it was accruing) and realized it was time to increase her income. This meant leaving the company she had been with all through college.”

2. How a 30-something couple got rich and retired by not joining home ownership ‘cult’

We’re firm believers that renting is not throwing your money away, as long as you’re saving the excess money that would have gone to the expenses of owning a home such as principal payments and maintenance. We also don’t look down on people for owning a home. I think that your home is an investment in your happiness, but it’s not an income-producing investment. Therefore, we don’t count it as a regular investment like a rental property. A different kind of mentality goes into buying a investment property than a home.

The fellow bloggers from Millennial Revolution decided to rent and park their money in an investment portfolio instead of buying a home. (Applause!!!) Read to see how they ditched home purchasing and got rich by investing.

Excerpt: “They live on $30,000 to $40,000 a year, money that largely comes from dividend payments generated from their stock portfolio. Unlike owning a million-dollar home, says Leung, ‘if you have a million-dollar portfolio, it pays you.'”

3. A couple that saved $1 million to retire at age 43 shares the first steps they took

Magic happens on the financial side of things when you start tracking every single expense. You encounter “eye-openers” and unconsciously begin to reduce your spending. Our fellow bloggers from 1500 Days explain how they started to save in order to reach FI and retire by using the 4% withdrawal rule.

Excerpt: “Establishing a specific monthly savings goal made it easier to cut costs, which they did immediately, as did recording each and every expense to see exactly how much money they were spending and where there was room to save.”

4. I Wrote About Giving Up a $95,000 Job to Move to an Island and Scoop Ice Cream. I Wasn’t Prepared for the Response.

Noelle Hancock, a polished writer from New York decided one day to leave everything behind and move to a small island to enjoy life more. Bravo! I remember reading her story about a year ago. While she received positive feedback about her actions, she was also put to shame by the hateful commenters for leaving an “awesome lifestyle” behind to “live in poverty”.

Excerpt: “A curious thing happened when the world moved online – suddenly everyone became a published writer, but everyone became a critic as well. Maybe that’s why I shrank away from writing? I couldn’t handle the new reality in which everything I created would be torn apart immediately by hundreds of people – and the tearing down also witnessed by hundreds of people.”

5. Everyone Hates a Winner: How to Cope with the Haters

“I believe we need to be celebrating success stories, not denigrating them.” Those are wise words from J.D. Roth that we should follow. A few things that I like about this article is that it hits home when it comes to dealing with criticism. People are going to talk no matter what you do, so staying focused on your goal is the name of the game. I’ve learned to listen to constructive feedback and ignore the rest. As the Spanish saying goes: “La gente habla pero no mantiene.” People talk, but don’t pay your bills.

Excerpt: “Most of us want to be rich, yet we resent it when other people manage to achieve their financial goals. We complain that they had advantages that we didn’t, or that they cheated, or that they don’t deserve the money. But what if the same thing happened to us? What if we became rich? How would we feel about such judgment and criticism?”

mind drench

Our 2016 Asset Allocation: Baking the Perfect Pie

Last month we wrote about our asset allocation. That article gained some traction and became the most read article of the month.

Excerpt: “An investment rule that I follow is that any money that we need within five years does not get invested in stocks. That’s one of the reasons why we have bonds. If the market tanks and we don’t want to sell low, the bond allocation should be enough to cover five years of expenses along with dividend income.”

Until next time…

This concludes our list of mind-drenching content for the month. Our inspiring words for this month are: 

“As long as you are breathing, there is more right with you than wrong with you.” 

~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

You’re alive! And it’s so great to be alive… live it up while keeping your house in financial order!

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Happy reading, listening or viewing!

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