Our Top 10 Most Popular Posts in 2 Years of Blogging

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Wow, it’s been already two years since we started blogging. We posted our first article exactly on Valentines Day in 2015 and now have a total of 84 posts. These numbers aren’t huge because we haven’t tried to post on a regular schedule, as other things took priority in life. Writing for Enchumbao is what we do when we’re most inspired and have the time to write.

Out of those 84 posts, these are the top 10 that keep attracting new visitors. Some posts get most hits from the search engines. The first one of the list got a huge rise to the number one spot since its release thanks to the feature on RockStar Finance. Thank you, J. Money and Cait Flanders, for exposing our work and all the hard work that you do to keep us informed with RockStar Finance. We love what you guys got going there.

We’d also like to thank other bloggers that have featured our work as well, including Physician On FIRE, Simplicity Voices, and Future Proof MD. A huge THANK YOU also goes to all of you, the readers, who continue to follow our journey.

We’re very excited about what we have coming for Enchumbao as the next chapter of our lives unfolds, and we’ll be sure to take you along for the ride. Without any further ado, here’s our top 10 list.

Top 10 Most Popular Posts

1. 15 Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Investing

It’s been a little over 10 years since I invested my first dollars in equities through my retirement plan at work. At first, these dollars were like tiny drops that dripped into a bucket. It didn’t feel like they were amounting to much, but every pay cycle kept filling up the bucket a bit more….

2. Life Doctor Series: How to Find Your Formula for True Happiness

Step into my office…have a seat in the comfortable armchair AKA the hammock…let’s talk about what makes you truly happy and how it ties into your purpose in life…what’s that?…you don’t know the answers to those questions? Well, in that case, let’s start with the basics.

3. Mapping Out Our Journey to Early Retirement

If you just found our humble cyberspace, welcome to our home! We’re a multicultural couple currently living in Pennsylvania, and we started blogging about five months ago, on Valentine’s Day 2015. Click here to read more juicy stuff about us! We blog about stuff such as a cat named Pushok that loves to annoy Mr….

4. To Retire Early from the Rat Race You Must Acquire This Millionaire Trait

A million dollars is not worth what it used to be, but if you manage it well, it can last you a lifetime. While there are some retirement experts that say you need at least $3 million to retire, many in the FI community require a lot less without decreasing their quality of life.

5. Why You Should Unplug in Vieques – Puerto Rico’s Hidden Gem

On my previous post I gave you a tour of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Now we need a break from the crowds and the bustle of a big city. Let’s discover Vieques (vee-yeh-kehs) together, a gorgeous, laid back neighboring island, with amazing beaches, lingering sunsets and wild horses roaming around.

6. The FI Million Dollar Question: How Much Would I Need to Fund My Lifestyle Forever?

On our previous FI post we spoke about what financial independence means to us. We also explained how it gave us a purpose to start saving aggressively and invest until we get there. And we gave you the breaking news that you don’t have to wait until you’re 65 or older to leave a corporate job and…

7. 7 Tips for Visiting Miami Without Breaking Your Budget

Ahhhh, Miami, Florida, it’s quite a place. The sexy people are everywhere, the beaches are gorgeous, and there is something for everyone. However, when most people go there, they end up dropping hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on long weekends alone. We both have family in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami areas, so we…

8. How We Cut Our Internet Bill by Almost a Third

After a brutal week without internet we finally have a new provider! Yes, we survived a week without home internet, but I tell you, it was tough getting things done. Our router started to malfunction a few weeks ago. It was getting disconnected occasionally until it finally gave up.

9. Quit That Job Forever by Creating Passive Income Streams

The way to becoming financially independent is by building streams of passive income that you can live off of without having to attend mandatory work. Now, what do we mean by mandatory work? Well, every workday you probably have to attend that job or business of yours, whether you like it or not, otherwise you…

10. Why You Need to Stop Living from Paycheck to Paycheck Right Now!

Once upon a time, (is it feeling dramatic?) three individuals were simultaneously at a car wash on a beautiful sunny day in the city of Philadelphia. They all came from similar backgrounds, however, the way they viewed their relationship with money, led each of them down a different path in life.

What’s your favorite Enchumbao post so far? What would you like to see more of in the future? 

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