How to Experience a D.C. Weekend Getaway as a Local

Mrs. Enchumbao

I’m a salsa-dancing, globe-trotting, people-watching ball of energy. I challenge the status quo and empower others to do the same.

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2 Responses

  1. LM says:

    Thanks for the recommendations! How do you get yourself to leave the typical weekend routine and just run away 🙂 ?

    • MrsEnchumbao says:

      Hey LM,

      First I remind myself that I am not a brain surgeon, so no one is going to die while I drop the routine and go away to do something fun. (Note to life saving professionals: you can get away as well, provided someone else is on call:)
      Second, I look for great deals to make sure we get value for our hard earned money, through sites like Travelzoo, Groupon, sale on, etc.
      Third, I remind myself that while we are saving for financial independence, I have to enjoy every day and every year, since I’ll never be the same ever again.
      And, finally, getting away from the normal routine puts a fun twist into my perspective, and I love some “out of my comfort zone” experiences – that’s a natural high for me.

      Happy traveling, LM, and Carpe Diem!

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