Our Freedom Fund: Creating a Portfolio That’s Built to Last

Mr. Enchumbao

I work for a large investment management company helping people save for traditional retirement. During my spare time, I help others save for financial independence and early retirement by writing for Enchumbao. My journey to FI began in 2012. I was in a lot of debt back then, but I turned things around and became debt free a few years later. My wife and I reached financial independence in 2017 and are preparing to retire by 2020.

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4 Responses

  1. Nice to see you guys make some progress on your well documented journey, truly inspiring. Happy 4th of July & Financial Independence Day!

    • Hi Blad,
      It’s great to get a comment on the 4th of July. I didn’t think anyone would be reading. We’re glad to be an inspiration to others. Happy Independence Day to you as well.

  2. M.C. Cheamp says:

    Very inspirational! Congrats on getting this far in your journey. Are you able to share more details on how you were generating this level of income (what you’re invested in and/or a ballpark principle amount)?

    • Thank you! If you’re referring to our dividend income. We invest in index funds and are investing a large portion of our new non-retirement investment money in a high dividend yield index fund that generates over 3% in dividends. Large caps generate most of the dividend income but we’re diversified in different asset classes. The key here is to stick to an asset allocation that works for us.
      As far as our job income, we work as project managers and have been with our current company for about 10 years. I didn’t save much during the first years, except for 4% of the salary to meet the company’s match. We don’t have 6 figure salaries but get paid decent salaries. As I paid off debt, we continued to increase our savings rate. We’d be able to share more details after we retire.
      We’ll have an updated post on our asset allocation soon and will touch upon how we are invested. Thank you for reading!

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