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It’s hard to believe that we’ve been blogging for more than a year. February 14 marked our first anniversary. The first year flew by and we just don’t find enough time to write as many posts as we wish. We’re on this journey to true happiness and blogging is just another hobby for us that competes with other priorities, as we try to make sure that we have time for other interests as well.

We are slowly building an Enchumbao community, one that understands how important it is to live a life drenched in true happiness, and we thought it would be nice to reflect on Enchumbao’s first year and share some of our Google Analytics data with you.

Most viewed articles

Our first year’s articles were sort of an experiment as we didn’t know which articles would gain traction with our readers. One thing for sure is that we only write about what we’re interested in. Some bloggers write about any subject that the audience wants to hear about, but it’s hard for us to write about a topic that we’re not passionate about, so we prefer to reference the great work from other bloggers in those areas and concentrate on what we enjoy writing about.  The articles below were the top ten most read posts during our first 12 months of blogging. Did yours make the cut?

Drum roll, please…

  1. To Retire Early from the Rat Race You Must Acquire This Millionaire Trait
  2. Why You Should Unplug in Vieques – Puerto Rico’s Hidden Gem
  3. The FI Million Dollar Question: How Much Would I Need to Fund My Lifestyle Forever?
  4. Why You Need to Stop Living from Paycheck to Paycheck Right Now!
  5. Mapping Out Our Journey to Early Retirement
  6. How We Cut Our Internet Bill by Almost a Third
  7. 7 Tips for Visiting Miami Without Breaking Your Budget
  8. Why Reaching Financial Independence Will Make You Thrive
  9. Enchumbao Formula for Happiness: Our 2014 Spending
  10. Tired of Being Broke? Here Are 7 Cures to Your Money Issues

Our audience – that’s you 🙂



A pageview is defined as a view of a page on your site that is being tracked by the Google Analytics tracking code. We had around 16,354 pageviews during our first year. These numbers are relatively small compared to some other bloggers, but are significant to us because our main goal is to continue to build this library of articles, so that when we retire early, we are ahead of the game and can go out and promote how people can achieve true happiness just like we’re doing.


We had 7,126 users. That means that over 7,000 people browsed through at least one of our articles.


Those users initiated 10,533 sessions and spent an average of 4 minutes per page. I know, I know, some bloggers can hit those numbers within minutes, but this is not a competition. New visitors accounted for 32% of those sessions.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.08.30 AM


68% of our visitors were returning visitors, which is a good sign. It means that readers like what they find and they keep coming back for more. If you are new, welcome, and if you are returning, thank you squared!

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.11.47 AM




Most of our visitors came from the following countries. United States, not surprisingly, leads the pack.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.26.30 AM


Most of our visitors came from these cities.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.32.02 AM



72% percent of our readers are between the age of 25-44. We are glad to see a diversity across the ages here, as we believe always is the right time to search true happiness, the Enchumbao Way!

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.15.54 AM


60% of our readers are male and 40% are female. We need to get more ladies to read Enchumbao! Mrs. Enchumbao may need to start a sexy Enchumbao ladies movement. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.20.12 AM

Our traffic sources


Social media

Most of our traffic came from these channels:

  1. Direct (this means people typed in the actual website address into the search bar; join the direct club – www.enchumbao.com. )
  2. Google
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Disqus (a commenting tool used in many blog posts, including ours)

Social media engagement

Given our limited time, we put most of our effort in three social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We have a presence in Google+ and Pinterest as a placeholder, but don’t post much there. We post our new posts on Google+ because we heard that it helps with the Google search engine ranking, but don’t get much results as far as followers with Google+.


Mrs. Enchumbao runs Instagram. Make sure to follow if you would like to see more pictures of our travels that don’t make it to the blog. We currently have over 3,100 followers, so great job to Mrs. Enchumbao for posting awesome material.


I manage the Twitter account and we currently have 1,400 followers.


Facebook has been a great tool in bringing us traffic. Posts gain traction when subscribers like and share them. We also get a lot of traffic from sharing new posts in private niche groups such as Mustachians on Facebook.

However, our list of followers is less than a 100 so there’s lots of room for improvement in that area.


These blog sites brought us a “significant” amount of traffic as well. Thank you!

  1. Financial Samurai
  2. Mr. Money Mustache
  3. Budgets Are Sexy
  4. El Joven Inversor

Posts consumption

The visitors that browsed through more posts (pageviews) per visit came from these blog sites:

  1. Financial Samurai
  2. Mr. Money Mustache
  3. Budgets Are Sexy
  4. Go Curry Cracker
  5. Frugal Woods
  6. Dividend Mantra
  7. El Joven Inversor

Again, thanks to our fellow bloggers out there for sending traffic our way. We hope that our blog serves as a reciprocating tool to send traffic your way as well.

Thank you, sexy souls!

There you have a little insight into our data. These are obviously not earth-shattering numbers, but I’m proud of what we have accomplished. I always say that this blog is three years ahead of its time. What I mean by that is that we were originally thinking about blogging after we quit our day jobs and got into early retirement. But we decided to start early and our main purpose is to keep writing meaningful posts about our progress, while continuing to build our readership. We try to write a post per week, but if the time and muse are not there, we skip and continue to enjoy our lives.

A year ago only a few of our friends and families knew about our goals. Now, over 10,000 people know our intent. That’s a lot of sexy bodies to fit in a room. Most importantly, we love the interaction and feedback we get from our readers via comments and e-mails. That’s what makes all the efforts worth it. It totally hits the spot when we hear from you, our readers, about how we’re helping you change your lifestyles and stay motivated on your FIRE journey. Here’s an e-mail that we got on December 31, 2015, which was the warmest gift to start 2016 off with high Enchumbao spirits.

“Thank you for writing your blog. I stumbled upon FI blogs through A Brave New Life. I tore through all the posts in a few days, seeing how that gentleman’s entire attitude towards life changed as he made decisions to downsize and seek freedom.  I could literally feel how his life and thought process was changing in the tone of his writing.  From his blog I learned the ‘why’.   Afterwards, I found MMM & several others which taught me the fundamentals of the ‘how’ and gave me a list of resources to learn more. But, frankly, MMM is a bit intimidating. I mean that guy graduated college debt free and was done working by 30. My energy level for the corporate world is way less in my late 30’s that it was at 25. I needed to find encouragement from somebody who started in more ‘normal’ circumstances. Later in life and with a pile of debt, Ha! Your Blog has provided me with that and the ‘encouragement’ to see this journey through.  Thanks, I look forward to more articles in the future.”

What can we say, our imperfect selves aim to inspire other imperfect people to reach true happiness. 🙂

Thank you, our readers, for your continued support. Our intent and purpose is still the same: the Enchumbao movement is about breaking away from the prescribed life and pursuing true happiness on your own terms.

Cheers to a new year of happy blogging!

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Mr. Enchumbao

Mr. Enchumbao retired at 44. He worked for 13 years at Vanguard, primarily as a Communications Project Leader in the Institutional Division, helping people save for retirement.

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