Can You Become Wealthy by Acting Rich and Not Paying Off Your Debt?

Mr. Enchumbao

I work for a large investment management company helping people save for traditional retirement. During my spare time, I help others save for financial independence and early retirement by writing for Enchumbao. My journey to FI began in 2012. I was in a lot of debt back then, but I turned things around and became debt free a few years later. My wife and I reached financial independence in 2017 and are preparing to retire by 2020.

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4 Responses

  1. Jessica Sivak says:

    Hmm:-) definitely enjoyed this article and especially the advice you have for the lady. People are people, and as long as you shows interest in going up the ladder and working your way up.
    Too many people in today’s world do not visualize a company as a whole, yet an asset for some position that they are stuck in. I definitely love the advice.

    • Hi Jessica! I agree, there are a lot of opportunities out there as long as you’re willing to look beyond their current position with a growth mindset. Ask and you should receive. I’m glad you loved the advice, hopefully it can help others advance their careers. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  2. LM says:

    Funny how he talks about charlatans and is one himself. How are people like this guy given any space to pass as credible?

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