7 Tips for Visiting Miami Without Breaking Your Budget

Mrs. Enchumbao

I’m a salsa-dancing, globe-trotting, people-watching ball of energy. I challenge the status quo and empower others to do the same.

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6 Responses

  1. LM says:

    This is going into my notes 😛

  2. Awesome article and info. Love the pictures, my favorite one is the turtles, although those are a bit freakier than most because that is not their natural mating positions. I look forward to my next trip to Miami and I’ll be keeping an eye for freaky turtles. Thanks for the great content, keep it coming….ENCHUMBAO STYLE BABY!!!!

    • MrsEnchumbao says:

      Haha, freaky turtles or the smarter turtle trying to get out of the man-made prison? Either way, definitely entertaining to watch! Enjoy Miami on your next visit, Bladimir. Cheers!

  3. lifero5 says:

    Love it good information. Did you have some recommendation for Airbnb with front beach view? Thank you

  4. Hi lifero5, I don’t personally know of a particular one with a beach view, but that’s because we try to save on accommodations and “beach-front” comes with a hike in price. Hope you find what you are looking for and have a great trip!

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