Not Born to Pay Bills and Die: 15 Powerful Steps You Can Take to Reach Financial Independence Faster

Mr. Enchumbao

I work for a large investment management company helping people save for traditional retirement. During my spare time I help others save for financial independence and early retirement by writing for Enchumbao. My journey to FI began in 2012. I was in a lot of debt back then but I turned things around and became debt free a few years later. My wife and I reached financial independence in 2017 and are preparing to retire by 2020.

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4 Responses

  1. Choosing the right parter is really #1 in my opinion. I married at 21 to a frugal guy, and that alone has set us up to be in a really good spot as we enter our 30s in a few months.

    • I have to agree with you 100% on this one. As Mrs. Enchumbao was editing this article she pointed this one out and I added it at the end. How could I have forgotten this one?!?
      So yes, if you marry the right person you’ll set yourself up for financial success. Thanks for reading!

  2. Chad Carson says:

    Love this article! So much good advice outlined in a succinct way. And thanks for including my house hacking article! Glad that idea made it as part of the core advice.

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